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The Royal Society Journals Collection comprises nine high-impact titles in the physical and biological sciences, including Philosophical Transactions A and B, and Proceedings Aand B. 
Institutions in eligible EIFL partner countries have a choice of three different packages:

  • Complete Collection (9 journals)
  • Biological Sciences Collection (6 journals)
  • Physical & Mathematical Sciences Collection (4 journals)

Subscribers also benefit from access to the Royal Society's Digital Archive which goes back to 1665.

Subject coverage
Biological Sciences; Physical, Mathematical and Engineering Sciences; cross-disciplinary subjects.

Key features

  • A choice of three different packages - the Complete Collection (9 journals), the Biological Sciences Collection (6 journals), and the Physical & Mathematical Sciences Collection (4 journals)
  • Access to high-impact journals published by the world's oldest scientific academy in continuous existence, which has been at the forefront of enquiry and discovery since its foundation in 1660. 
  • International authors - over 70% from outside the UK.
  • Sophisticated searching, linking via Crossref, new issue alerting, and keyword alerting.
  • COUNTER-compliant usage statistics.

Further information

About the vendor
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