Subscribe to BioOne E-Database By PPU Library

Subscribe to BioOne E-Database By PPU Library

BioOne is a global, not-for-profit collaboration bringing together scientific societies, publishers, and libraries to provide access to critical, peer-reviewed research in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences.
BioOne Complete 
176 titles from 132 publishers 
2013 BioOne Title List (.pdf) paper size: letter 
107 titles from 81 publishers (includes OA content) 
2013 BioOne.1 Title List (.pdf) 
81 titles from 61 publishers (includes OA content)  
2013 BioOne.2 Title List (.pdf) 
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Until 31 December 2015.

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An overview of BioOne content, quick search, and options for managing your results (2:53) 

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How to use search criteria options to improve the quality and relevancy of your search (3:25)  

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