Participate in the E-database - OARE

 الاشتراك في قاعدة بيانات  OARE
Online Access to Research in the Environment
We at the library of University (PPU) participated in the Online Access to Research in the Environment (OARE).   

Online Access to Research in the Environment (OARE) : 


Over 1,300 peer reviewed titles owned and published by over 340 prestigious publishing houses and scholarly societies are now available in more than 100 low income countries. Research is provided in a wide range of disciplines, including Biology; Biotechnology, Genetics & Genetically Modified Species; Botany & Plant Biodiversity; Climatology, Climate Change & Meteorology; Ecology & Wildlife Conservation; Energy Conservation & Renewable Energy; Environmental Chemistry; Environmental & Natural Resource Economics; Environmental Engineering; Environmental Law, Policy & Planning; Fish & Fisheries; Forests & Forestry; Geography, Population Studies & Migration; Geology & Earth Sciences; Natural Environmental Disasters; Oceanography & Marine Biology; Pollution & Environmental Toxicology; Satellite & Remote Sensing Technologies; Soil Sciences and Desertification; Waste Management; Water, Hydrology & Wetlands; and Zoology & Animal Biodiversity.  


All users in our institution wishing to access OARE resources should follow The following simple steps:

  A)  Go to


  B)  Click *LOG IN* at the top right hand corner of our homepage     (If a security alert window appears, please click *Yes* toContinue.) .


  C)  Enter the following user ID and password:    UserID :******  ,   Password :******     . 


  D) Select the scheme *OARE* .


  E) Click *Sign in*.  


  F) A security warning window will appear.  Please click *Yes* to continue.


Congratulations! You are now logged into OARE and may access all full text articles, databases and other scientific resources listed on the Full Text Journals, Databases and Other Resources page of the OARE website. 





* This access will stay open for one year (from 23/04/2008 to 23/04/2009) 


* who wants access to OARE (via Internet)  must visit the library or send your email to  ,   to obtain  a user name and password. 


                                                                                 I hope you to access OARE  and take advantage.

Mohammad abu Hamdieh 

Abu Romman library /Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU)