Free Audio Books

Free Audio Books
If you're looking for free audio books, the web is the bestplace to find them. There are plenty of sites that offer free audiobooks that are in the public domain, read by very talented narrators (Iwouldn't suggest listening to the books narrated by computers; theysound very odd and take away from the story, in my opinion).

You can download these stories directly onto your computer and putthem on your iPod or other mobile device, burn them onto a CD to listento in the car, etc. Here are some of the best sources to find freeaudio books on the web:

Free Classic Audio Books:  Many classic stories here (Mark Twain, Lewis Carroll, etc.).

Librivox is a fantastic place to find audio books. This is usually the first place I go to find books for  my iPod.

Podiobooksis an interesting way to get audio books; they offer complete books inepisodic form so you can get just a chapter at a time via RSS or by iTunes; in addition, you can simply click and listen to a story online.

OpenCulture Free Audio books: Long list of really good free audio books here; you can also find poetry and podcasts here.

AudioBooksForFreeis a large site that offers hundreds of audio books for free download;the only hitch is that their books and lectures come in small files(you can download a book all at once for a fee).

ThoughtAudio has a good selection of classic audio books available for free download.

Learn Out Loudis a gigantic collection of free audio books, lectures, and educationalpodcasts. One of the best resources for free audio books.

Lit2Go: from the Florida Educational Technology Clearinghouse, a collection of stories and poems in audio book format.

BooksShouldBeFree gives you a dozen plus categories to choose free audio books from, anything from Anthropology to War.

Project Gutenberg has a huge selection of human-read audio books available. You can search by author, title, language, and more.