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The Oregon Encyclopedia, a partnership of Portland State University, the Oregon Council of Teachers of English, and the Oregon Historical Society, and a project of the Oregon Sesquicentennial Celebration, is a comprehensive and authoritative compendium of information about Oregon's history and culture. The Encyclopedia grows each week to include:


Terminology Forum

ABOUT Terminology Forum


is a global non-profit information forum for for freely available terminological information online. The Forum was established in 1994 and is maintained by Anita Nuopponen with the help of her students at the Dept. of Communication Studies, University of Vaasa, Finland.


About Encyclopedia.com


is owned and perated by HighBeam Research. Named the "Best Online Reference Service" by the CODiE Awards, HighBeam is an online library of more than 80 million articles from newspapers like The Washington Post and The Boston Globe, magazines like The Economist and Newsweek, and online dictionaries like Webster's New World Dictionary and The Oxford American College Dictionary.

Encyclopedia of the Orient

 About Encyclopedia of the Orient 


LookLex is a Norway based media house presenting North Africa and the Middle East to a mainly western audience. This we do through 3 main channels; reference material organized into an encyclopaedia, traveller's guides to the North African countries and a basic language course in Arabic.

The owner and editor of LookLex is Tore Kjeilen.

Encyclopedia of Earth

About the EoE


The Encyclopedia of Earth (EoE) is an electronic reference about the Earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society. The EoE is a free, expert-reviewed collection of content contributed  by scholars, professionals, educators, practitioners and other experts who collaborate and review each other's work. The content is presented in a style intended to be useful to students, educators, scholars, professionals, as well as to the general public.


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is an information resource about Scientific and Educational material: Electronics, Science, Engineering, Encyclopedia and Information Technology. All the links are tested with respect to content, no commercial links. 

Educypedia is the most complete Encyclopedia in the world with access to the very best Web Resources for Education. The best free resources on the web!!!


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The premier online library and research Web site, Encyclopedia.com puts millions of articles from some of the world’s most authoritative and highly respected publications at your fingertips.

A free online encyclopedia, Encyclopedia.com features premier titles like The Columbia Encyclopedia, Oxford’s World Encyclopedia, and the Encyclopedia of World Biography.