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  • Opens instantly; no need to install.
  • Cross platforms: IE10, Chrome, Firefox, Android and Safari.
  • Supports images, CSS styles and international characters.
  • Also reads the EPUB format, which has been tested from several sources.

California Digital Library.

California Digital Library
Established in 1997, the California Digital Library has a wholly digital charter and two complementary but distinct roles:
As the systemwide digital library, the CDL supports the University of California campus libraries in their mission of providing access to the world's knowledge for the UC campuses and the communities they serve.  In so doing, it directly supports UC's mission of teaching, research, and public service.

An Online Library of Literature

On this site you will find the full and unabridged texts of classic works of English literature. Fiction from authors like Lewis Carroll, the Bronte sisters (Anne, Charlotte and Emily), Jack London, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens and many others, and classic scientific works from Charles Darwin and Rene Descartes.